Sunday, March 7, 2010

Objective 14 - Vividly Vivacious VoiceThread

VoiceThread can be a powerful Web 2.0 tool in the classroom and a way to connect to our global world. VoiceThread is collaborative, multimedia tool. Through either images, documents or videos a user can leave comments in a variety of ways – record their voice, type text, upload an audio file or video by way of a webcam. This tool is perfect for Tablet users by inking on an image while recording.

I can think of countless ways to use VoiceThread in a classroom: peer review of art work, examination of master art work, view and discuss original source images and video, revision or review work, identifying objects using a world language, book talks, digital portfolios, poetry performances, and the list could go on and on.

One use of VoiceThread I would like to investigate further is digital portfolios. An example of using VoiceThread for digital portfolios is in the VoiceThread Digital Library. This might prove an excellent resource for student-led conferences.

I had the opportunity to comment of some of my colleagues VoiceThread projects as well as the Hello VoiceThread. I also created my own VoiceThread. I found the commenting and creating my own VoiceThread very easy.

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  1. We need to highlight this tool during our next Tablet sharing session.