Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Objective 23 - Reflection of the Journey

I have truly enjoyed my 23 Things learning journey. There were tools that I thought I knew how to use, but I always found new facets when playing and completing the discovery assignment. I love this kind of learning – self-paced; some weeks I have more time than others to devote to a project like this. I have also enjoyed walking this path with so many others. I took great pleasure in reading and commenting on my colleague’s blogs.
My concept of Web 2.0 has not really changed throughout this project. I have, however, come to appreciate many things. I know there have been countless hours by Dino to create this project. I know that I have spent more time completing the tasks plus reading and commenting on blogs than I want to admit. It has also been exhilarating to see so much energy put into a technology learning experience.

Looking back over the last ten weeks…I have rediscovered the wonders of Delicious and Twitter. I better understand how Flickr and YouTube work. I was frustrated with my inability to get the exact product I wanted with screencasting and Prezi. I know I reworked those projects dozens and dozens of times.

I was very surprised the there were not more people doing the 23 Things project. This is the one professional development opportunity that did not cost the school money (well, maybe a few bucks for those that completed all 23 tasks within the allotted time) and could literally be done in PJs at any time of day.

I thought the format of the project was well organized, visually appealing, and nicely balanced for a variety of learners. I think we need to do more technology in this format. The weekly workshops were also great tie-ins to the 23 Things.

I am ready for the next 23 Things project. I wonder what the theme should be???


  1. Angie, I very much enjoyed reading all of your posts. I also want to thank you for helping me comment on the participant blogs.

    I'm glad you got a lot out of this project. I think that is a great aspect of this project...it really doesn't matter where you are at in the tech-ed spectrum, you can grow if you take advantage of a project like this.

    I want to acknowledge that I learned much from your posts. You had many gems in your posts that I had not explored.

    Thank you!

  2. Wow, Angie this is impressive.
    Thanks for all you the stuff you keep sending me. That has inspired me to continue. I really appreciate it.