Monday, March 29, 2010

Objective 19 - Perusing Podcasts

My greatest obstacle in listening to the podcasts that I selected is that I need to download them to a mobile device. I rarely listen to anything from my computer.

I did not like I was not able to download the few podcasts that I found appealing. There are so many other choices in searching for podcasts that I simply moved on to another site. I have explored the Educational Podcast Network in the past. I love how this site is all education and organized by subject area. It is easy to locate what I am looking for. I found a podcast that I thought would be great The Technology Teacher. The only problem that I noticed is that the last podcast was June 16, 2008. I can listen to old shows, but it appears that this podcast is no longer posted on a regular basis. I have not explored Learn Out Loud before. I liked the organization of the site, but I was able to find most of the same podcasts, that I was interested in, via iTunes. There are certainly lots of podcasts to explore via I began searching through education. This is not just the type of education I am interested in – that of children – but legal, medical, etc. I really like finding podcast via iTunes/iTunesU; it is so easy to get the latest episode of a podcast. I subscribe to a couple of podcast via iTunes: Middle School Matters, Today’s Middle Level Educator, NPR: Education Podcast, and Tech Chick Tips.

As a school I think we have not truly tapped into the venue of podcasts. If we did more podcasting I think we would improve our parent education. Perhaps with the increase use of the Parent Portal this is an avenue that we need to explore further in the future.

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  1. The problem with podcasting it that it's a big commitment on the part of the podcaster. You need to provide regular feeds for your listeners. With a eNews letter, I wonder who would be willing to take on this additional challenge.