Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Objective 16 - The Wonderful World of Widgets

I truly believe that I could spend days on this Thing….oh, wait…I have. I have looked at the Gadgets that are part of Blogger plus I explored Widget Box and Widgets for Free blog. I found several widgets that I thought were interesting, but I measured what purpose would it serve placing them on my blog. I already had a post-it calendar and a shelfari bookshelf, so I decided to only add one additional widget - an age timer.

During this Thing I also considered changing my blog template. Several other bloggers – 23 is my favorite number, Debby's Doodles, and [2 + 4 x 6 - 3 x 5 + 6 x 2] THINGS – have made some creative changes and I think their blogs are charming. I have made specific choices in the items I have put on my blog. Though I love the templates and I think many of the widgets are adorable…some of it just does not go with this blog…maybe on my next blog!

I did play around with some of the avatar makers, but I don't think my avatars look anything like me. There may be some disagreement with that statement with my Wild Self.

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  1. I lost a lot of time because of widgets myself. I get involved in tweaking the html code and that can eat up a lot of time.