Sunday, March 28, 2010

Objective 17 - Wondrous Wikis

Intellectually I understand the difference between a wiki and a blog. A wiki is a quick, collaborative tool and a blog is a journal-style log. To be quite honest, until the 23 Things project I did not truly understand the value of either of these tools. Upon starting the 23 Things project I immediately fell in love with the set-up of a blog. The organization, the ability to add widgets – this is all very appealing to me. When I first approach Thing 17 I had the attitude of “get through this one quickly” – you know what it is. After reviewing oodles of wikis and reading some of the blogs of my fellow 23 Things colleagues, I began to envision uses for a wiki. One such possibility is the end of the year prizes conversations. In the past this information has been mailed to one person to collate. Boy, have we been wasting our time! Using a wiki each faculty member can record his/her thoughts. This is not only a time saver but information will not be repeated.

I explored lots of wikis that I want to probe a bit more.

I believe all of these wikis can be located with the More… link.

In one comment on a fellow 23 Things blog the question of wiki versus a Ning was posed. The question made me think – what is the difference? Why would I choose one over another? I think I would create a wiki for collaboration on a single project or more “short term” and a Ning for a more “long term” collaborative discussion with a particular group. The Ning feels like a more permanent part of the group that created it. I also seems like a Ning mimics the organization of a blog. Wikis seem to need a person in charge to make sure the posts are structured.


  1. I agree that Ning is more for long term projects. A wiki lends itself to quick projects but they could extend into the long term as well.

    What kills me is that many people are using a wiki but not allowing any collaboration. So, they might as well be using a blog.

  2. Your idea for using Wiki's for prize day comments is great! I hope that you pursue the use of them!

  3. You are so correct, and I meant to say that in my blog; many people do use a wiki do but not allow any collaboration.:(