Monday, March 29, 2010

Objective 18 - Working with Wikis

I played in our wiki sandbox for our 23 Things project. It was easy – except – I could not upload an image of my own. I could upload an image that was on the web, but not one that I took. I read the help – that usually assists me in solving my own problems, but not this time. While playing in the sandbox I could not resist eliminating unnecessary spaces in information that others wrote. I know that is my OCD tendencies sneaking out – I just couldn’t help myself.

I contributed to the Academy of the Sacred Heart's Wikipedia entry. Creating a Wikipedia account was not as challenging as I thought it might be. I have to share that I was a bit nervous prior to creating an account. How could I add to “Wikipedia?” After reading all of the instructions, cautions, etc. I actually felt better. There was a line that helped me over my apprehensions about being bold, Wikipedia is not breakable – everything can be reversed.

I contributed to Wikipedia on a topic that was not linked in my original entry. There was no information about Reverend Mother Katherine Wansboro. I am an avid collector of books (mostly purchased from E-bay) about the history of our school. To create a quick entry I relied on Living the Legacy by Arlene Stone.

I also have a WikiSpaces account, not that I have a need for a wiki right now, but just to let others know it is an easy wiki to set up. Then a word about PBworks, I belong to a Professional Learning Community Tech Group, Let’s Talk Technology, that has used PBworks to record notes from our meetings. This tech group likes to dabble with many tools and currently uses the wiki in Moodle, though some information is still in the PBworks wiki.

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  1. Two comments:

    My first contribution to Wikipedia was punctuation. It was an easy fix and I felt comfortable doing it. I feel comfortable about changing and adding to the ASHMI.ORG info because I've worked at the school for so long.

    Wikispaces makes uploading images a pain. It's too bad. Even when you do upload the pic, it's a pain to place it where you want it. It reminds me of doing tables in a wiki in Moodle. Yuck.