Sunday, March 7, 2010

Objective 15 - Splendidly Simple Screencasting

Creating a screencast via Screencast-O-Matic was quite simple. My problem was that I could not do the task that I was trying to demonstrate. I know I spent an hour recording the same task. I finally decided to just do something else. I have a personal license of Camtasia, but I want to stay within the Web 2.0 tools for this project. I looked at Jing, Wink, and ScreenToaster, but thought Screencast-O-Matic was the most straight forward to use. I think students would love to use this. I just happened to have a student ask me this week if it was possible to record her manipulating Google Earth.


  1. Good screencast and can you believe that you did that without installing any software!? Isn't Web 2.0 wonderful?

  2. Technically it's not a ball.. it's an apple... =)

  3. How come your audio came out sounding like you!! Unless in my screecast... do I really sound like that?!