Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Objective 21 - Tweeting about Twitter

I discovered Twitter a couple of years ago. I created an account and then did nothing. On my second introduction to Twitter I began following several gurus in the educational tech world. Then last summer when I attended the NECC conference in Washington D.C. I began to realize the value of Twitter. I tweeted about the different sessions I attended. By following the hashtags about the conference I was able to learn about many sessions that I did not attend.

I have tweeted via my computer by logging onto my Twitter account and by way of my Blackberry using an app called Twitterberry that I downloaded. I looked into downloading OpenBeak , but decided I liked Twitterberry better. I love the ease of tweeting from my phone!

With the 23 Things project I have a new crop of people who are use Twitter in a different way – simply blogging about what they are doing. I have found myself responding to a few more tweets than I have in the past…some that are not identified by #ash23things.

A discovery I made this weekend, that had nothing to do with the 23 Things project, was Neoformix. Neoformix’s tag line is “discovering and illustrating patterns in data.” That alone was fascinating to me. This site shows how tweets can be transformed into small embedded images. I have not played with this enough to create anything, but the images on the site are pretty amazing to me.

I have some Twitter searching to do later about the MACUL conference I attended earlier in March. I did a bit of testing – I like using Search.twitter.com for this kind of searching on Twitter.

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  1. I don't tweet much via my cell phone but I do read many tweets using it. I use TweetDeck. There is both an iPhone app for it and a Windows app.

    And I love Neformix. I mircoblogged about it a while back.